The Hitler Explains Scene is a scene in Downfall used often in parodies.

In Downfall

The scene begins with Hitler instructing Reitsch and Greim to go to Karl Dönitz and make sure Himmler gets punished. Reitsch tells Hitler that they've decided to die with him. Hitler appreciates, but he repeats that Himmler must die because he committed treason. He then continues to tell them about his "huge decoy operation" in which Albert Kesselring and Dönitz will attack the enemy in a pincer movement and crush the enemy. Greim is amazed that they still have so many reserve troops and Hitler assures him that he has 1,000 of the most modern jets that will make the Luftwaffe ready for battle again.

Reitsch ends the scene by thanking Hitler for his ingenuity.

In Downfall parodies

This scene is frequently used by Untergangers, but not as frequently as the Original Bunker Scene, the Günsche informs Hitler scene and the Planning Scene. Most parodies featuring this scene are usually parodies in which Hitler explains things about the most random subjects to Reitsch and von Greim. When used in a parody, the scene frequently goes like follows: Reitsch asks Hitler about something, followed by Hitler (usually) giving a very illogical explanation. The scene ends with von Greim and Reitsch being visibly amazed at Hitler's explanation, no matter how stupid it is.

The scene was used in the first ever Downfall parody, by Pajarojuarez (together with the Hitler Eating Scene) in his parody La Caida (La versión No Oficial) (re-uploaded by jparedes), while Hitler Rants Parodies is first to use the scene on its own in Hitler explains why 2012 is not the end of the world, in which Hitler explains to Reitsch and Greim why 2012 is indeed not the end of the world.

Since then, the scene has been used similarly by many other Untergangers in parodies that are often titled as "Hitler explains _____".

This scene is the reason why von Greim and Reitsch are considered to be among the dumbest characters in the parody universe. They usually ask Hitler the most stupid questions and are completely in awe about Hitler's explanation, not even thinking for themselves about how illogical and far-fetched it is.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
HITLER Sie und Greim müssen so bald als möglich aufbrechen und zu Dönitz fliegen. You and Greim must go as quickly as possible. Fly to Dönitz.
Er soll alles veranlassen, um Himmler seiner verdienten Strafe zuzuführen! Tell him to do everything it takes to punish Himmler.
REITSCH Mein Führer, Ritter Greim und ich haben beschlossen, hier mit Ihnen in den Tod zu gehen. Mein Führer, Ritter Greim and I decided to die with you.
HITLER Ich danke Ihnen für diesen Treuebeweis. Thank you for this proof of loyalty.
Aber Himmler muss sterben. Er hat Verrat geübt! But Himmler must die. He committed treason.
Ja, ich hatte Recht, ihn nicht in meine Pläne einzuweihen. He's no longer necessary for my plans.
GREIM Mein Führer? Mein Führer?
HITLER Glauben Sie, ich schaue tatenlos zu bis diese Judenschweine mich abmurksen? Do you think I'll just look on as those Jewish swines slaughter me?
Dies alles ist Teil eines gigantischen Täuschungsmanövers! Ich ließ den Feind tief ins Reich hinein. This is part of a huge decoy operation. I've allowed the enemy to invade the Reich.
Er wähnt sich bereits als Sieger, aber Sie werden sehen, Greim: es wird ein böses Erwachen geben! And they think they've won, but mark my words, Greim: they'll have a rude awakening.
Dönitz mobilisiert im Norden, Kesselring im Süden. Dönitz is mobilizing in the north. Kesselring in the south.
Wir werden den Feind in einer riesigen Zangenbewegung zerquetschen. We'll surround the enemy and crush them in a pincer movement.
Und ich falle dem Russen mit drei Armeen die bei Prag bereitstehen, in den Rücken! From Prague, three armies will attack the Russians, simultaneously, from the rear.
GREIM Ich hatte ja keine Ahnung, mein Führer, dass wir über derartige Reserven verfügen! I didn't know we still had so many reserve troops, mein Führer!
HITLER Ich habe Vorsorge getroffen dass Sie, Greim, in Kürze über 1000 der modernen Strahljäger verfügen können. I made sure you'll soon have a thousand of the most modern jets at your disposal.
Damit können Sie die Luftwaffe wieder schlagkräftig machen. With those, you can make the Luftwaffe ready for battle again.
REITSCH Man muss knien vor Ihrem Genie, mein Führer. Und vor dem Altar des Vaterlandes. I kneel to your genius, mein Führer, at the altar of the Fatherland.


  • The scene happens right after the Hitler Eating Scene.
  • The scene does not feature any ranting.
  • Between this and the previous scene, there is a 8 seconds clip, in which Hitler asks Goebbels to stay.
    • Goebbels appears in the scene, but he has no lines.
  • Hitler mentions Karl Dönitz and Albert Kesselring in this scene.
  • Himmler is usually portrayed in the parodies as someone who is against whatever Hitler argues.
  • In the real dialogue, this is one of the few scenes in which Hitler mentions the Jews, obviously in an offensive manner.


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