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“Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility!”

Hitler Becomes a Wizard is a parody by PunchOfJustice. The parody tells of Hitler's acquisition of the Wand of Doom, his eventual abuse of magic power and the consequences. It has gained 63,000 views as of 17 January 2016.

This is considered one of the best parodies by PoJ, if not, one of the best parodies ever, consisting of extensive use of FX. It won July 2014's Parody of the Month and best FX parody in the Unterganger Awards of May, June, July 2014.



Characters and magic performed on them



more coming soon


  • As expected with the Wizard theme, this parody makes a lot of references to Harry Potter. Music from the Harry Potter movies is featured throughout the video. Hitler also wears a hat that belongs to the Hogwarts school uniform, performs apparitions and even attempts to use an Avada Kedavra curse in the climax.
  • Speer telling Hitler that "with great power comes great responsibility", is obviously a reference to Spiderman, where it is the signature phrase of Peter Parker/Spiderman's late uncle Ben. Hitler completes the reference by calling Speer "uncle Ben" after he gives Hitler said advice.

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