Hitler's How To is a parody series by mfaizsyahmi, where Hitler gives simple instructions to his most loyal aide about everyday things, like opening a jar or toasting bread, but Günsche always find it unclear resulting in unexpected consequences. The series entirely uses the Günsche informs Hitler scene, with slight rearrangements.

So far 6 parodies have been made.

Composition and episodes

Günsche asks Hitler about how to do a certain task. Hitler then proceeds to give very detailed and easy to understand step-by-step instructions, and Günsche walks away to execute them. However, he comes back a few minutes later saying that the instructions given are unclear, and tells Hitler of what he ended up doing instead. Hitler in his bewilderment can only respond with a short monologue.

The episodes are:

  1. Opening a Jar - Gunsche ends up catching his genitals to the ceiling fan.
  2. Frying an Egg - Gunsche ends up running over Blondi with his car.
  3. Tosting Bread - but instead Gunsche sells Goebbels eyebrows on eBay (a reference to this parody by FuhrerFegelein).
  4. Posting mail - only to have Gunsche revealing his bank credentials to a Nigerian prince (referring to the online scam).
  5. Ordering from a drive through - Günsche ends up making donations to a certain Prime Minister.
  6. Withdrawing cash from an ATM - Günsche divided by zero, creating a black hole that swallows the Earth.


  • The series was inspired by the "Instructions unclear" meme, and the first episode made an obvious reference to it by having the same consequence as what the meme would usually have.
  • Two soundtracks from Hyouka and one from Nichijou have been used as background music.

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