Hitler's General Discussing Scene is a scene from Downfall commonly used in parodies. It shows Alfred Jodl and Wilhelm Keitel’s discontent at Hitler’s plans, Fegelein’s scheming and suggestions that the generals disobey, and Wilhelm Burgdorf’s scornful response.

In Downfall

The scene begins with Keitel saying how Hitler has lost all grip on reality. Jodl complains that Hitler moves around units that only exist on his map, and that he tries to mobilize Steiner's unit, which can barely defend itself, to fight. Fegelein asks him why doesn't just tell Hitler the truth, but Keitel quickly cuts in, that he doesn't listen. Fegelein then says that somebody should do something. Keitel again confronts him, arguing that Hitler will just throw them out like he did with Rundstedt and Guderian. Fegelein asks him what's the problem, and Jodl tells him that they, as soldiers, have taken an oath, to which Fegelein asks him if that stops them from thinking. Burgdorf, annoyed, questions what he just said, calling him an opportunist and a ruthless careerist.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene is commonly used by many Untergangers, usually being a continuation of the Hitler plans scene (which it actually is), while several parodies feature it as a standalone video. Other times it's meant to be Jodl talking about various things. The part where Burgdorf is angry on Fegelein is sometimes portrayed as Burgdorf being angry on whatever antic Fegelein just pulled. Sometimes Burgdorf calls Fegelein an opportunist.

The shot where the camera focuses on Fegelein is also very commonly used on its own. Most of the time, this scene is added to a parody to make it look like Fegelein is interacting with other characters, or just to show him gloating about his latest antic.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
KEITEL Der Führer hat jeglichen Sinn für die Realitäten verloren. The Führer has lost all sense of reality.
JODL Er verschiebt Divisionen auf der Karte, die gar nicht mehr existieren! He moves around divisions on his map that don't even exist anymore!
Die Gruppe Steiner, ein versprengter Haufen, der sich mit Mühe verteidigen kann. The Steiner group, a scattered bunch that can barely defend themselves.
Jetzt will er dass Steiner angreift. Yet now he wants Steiner to attack.
Purer Wahnsinn! Pure madness!
FEGELEIN Warum sagen Sie's ihm dann nicht? Why doesn't anyone tell him?
KEITEL Er ist keinen Argumenten zugänglich! He doesn't listen to any arguments!
Das wissen Sie so gut wie ich. You know this as well as I do.
FEGELEIN Irgendwas muss getan werden. Something must be done.
KEITEL Sind Sie verrückt? Are you insane?
Er würde uns einfach rausschmeißen! He'd just throw us out!
Wie Rundstedt, wie Guderian. Like Rundstedt, like Guderian.
FEGELEIN Ja, und? Yes, and?
JODL Wir sind Soldaten! We are soldiers!
Wir haben unseren Eid auf den Führer geleistet! We have sworn our oath to the Führer!
FEGELEIN Soll der Eid uns daran hindern, selbstständig zu denken? Should that oath hinder us from thinking for ourselves?
BURGDORF Das sagen ausgerechnet Sie? Coming from you of all people?
Ein Opportunist! An opportunist!
Ein rücksichtsloser Karrierist! A reckless careerist!
FEGELEIN Wie bitte? Excuse me?


Jodl: Purer Wahnsinn! (Pure madness!)

Jodl: Wir Sind Soldaten! (We are Soldiers!)

Fegelein: Wie Bitte! (I beg your pardon)


  • This scene follows right after the planning scene , explaining why the generals are mad at Hitler.
  • This is a very rare instance in which Jodl is angry.
  • Krebs' role is horribly reduced in this scene. He only appears in the background, standing against a wall, not saying a single word. He can be seen clearly when Jodl is talking.
  • Memorable for showing Burgdorf drinking.
  • Memorable for showing Fegelein taunting Burgdorf.
  • One of the scenes which shows Burgdorf's addiction to alcohol.
  • The generals appear in the same order Hitler told them to stay in the Original Bunker Scene: from left to right Keitel, Jodl, Krebs, Burgdorf.


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