The Hispanic Unterganger Awards (HUA) is a monthly award show originally maintained by Juegoxi but now maintained by TheKrebsHD, based on the original now-defunct Unterganger Awards managed by JennieParker87. Unlike the UA, these awards are not officially recognized in the Unterganger community, especially in this wiki. However, this page exists only to facilitate the documentation of these awards.

The HUA was made for the sole purpose of praising the Hispanic community channels dedicated to Downfall Parodies. The base is the same as the UA; people nominate parodies, and a team of judges select the winners. The winning parodies are then presented in a video uploaded by TheKrebsHD.

Evidently, the HUA was short-lived, as the awards only lasted for two rounds.

Nomination & Winner selection

The parodies nominated are handled like the defunct Unterganger Awards. The Parody of the Month works somewhat differently, as people are asked to nominated 2 parodies for this category. The parody with the most nominations wins the award.


May 2016

Category Description
Best FX Parody Holidays of Hitler - Ep. 1 - Start the trip
Best Current Events Parody Hitler Seeks New Legendary In Supermagical Chests
Best Series Hitler Civil War by Spanish Dolfy
Best Video Game Parody Hitler plays Basketball Bouncy
Best Audio-Based Parody Hitler is a robot
Best DPMV (Music Parody) When Fegelein isn't home
Most Humorous Parody Hitler drive on the Autobahn
Best parody by a newcomer Hitler test to virtual reality
Unterganger of the Month Spanish Dolfy
Parody of the Month Hitler teaches make a homunculus

September 2016

The HUA was put on hold due to Juegoxi retiring, but returned in 2016.

Category Description
Best FX Parody Hitler Vs Nicolas Cage
Best Current Events Parody The Marriage of Krebs and Burgdorf: Part 3: Honeymoon
Best Series World War by Spanish Dolfy and Ruben Benigno
Best Video Game Parody Hitler VS Stalin T.A.B.S
Most Humorous Parody The Familiar Reunion of Hitler
Unterganger of the Month Ruben Benigno

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