Hans von Witzland
Witzland, with his captain.


Hans von Witzland



Date of Birth

N/A (In Movie) 30 October 1906 Ansbach, German Empire (in Parodies)

Date of Death

February 1943 Still Alive (in Parodies)

Portrayed by

Thomas Kretschmann

Lieutenant Hans von Witzland was a Prussian lieutenant who served in the German 6th Army to fight in Stalingrad. He was killed after the 6th Army surrendered, where he along with another soldier froze to death while trying to escape the city in 1943.

In the parodies

He was depicted as either Fegelein's twin brother, or Fegelein HIMSELF in disguise. Hans first entered the Parody Universe in the United Nazi War during Operation Gradossa. He was used to portray Fegelein, the master of antics. He was then used in other parodies as well after his first Appearance in the United Nazi War in 2011.

In more recent parodies, such as Fegelein's Crisis and Der Frozengang, he is pretty much used to portray Fegelein himself.


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