Haase, Flegel and Schenck meet Hitler is a scene in Downfall, where Hitler meets up with Ernst-Günther Schenck, Erna Flegel and Werner Haase. It is occasionally used in parodies.

In Downfall

The scene starts with Schenck and Flegel making their way through a crowded subterranean corridor full of soldiers. Many of the soldiers are wounded, some very badly. Schenck and Flegel walk up to Haase, who is lying on a bed. He coughs a lot and seems to be very ill. Schenck asks if he should tell Hitler that Haase is indisposed. But Haase just waves his hand and explains it's "just" his collapsed lung and that he will die "soon anyway". After that, he gets up and puts on his jacket. The three then walk together through another crowd of soldiers. As they arrive to the Vorbunker proper they pass by the Goebbels children who are singing a song in a choir with their mother conducting.

Eventually they arrive in the lounge where the generals Krebs and Burgdorf can be seen laughing, drinking and smoking, and from the party Otto Günsche gets up and tells them to come along. After leading them to the corridor, Günsche asks them to wait, then he disappears. While they wait, a drunk Fritz Tornow wobbles past them heading to the toilet. Hitler then shows up in the door, and starts to walk towards them. Günsche slowly walks behind Hitler, and makes a hand gesture meaning they should walk towards Hitler. When they finally meet, Hitler shakes their hands and apologizes for interrupting their important work. Flegel bursts into tears and begs Hitler to keep faith in the final victory and to lead them on. Hitler walks away without responding, while Schenck and Günsche help Flegel leave the room.

In Downfall Parodies

JennieParker87 used it in her Nonsense! (2) parody, in which Flegel is seen upset about the fact that she is taller than Hitler, and she asks him to stand on something.

The part where Günsche walks away from the trio is used in a looping video of Günsche walking. The part where the trio walks down corridors was also used in mfaizsyahmi's AMV of A Certain Scientific Railgun's OP which got removed by the Japanese Recording Association without regard of Fair Use, as typical of other Japanese companies such as Nihon Ad System, Bandai, or Toho Company.


  • The drinking party is the same one seen in the Bunker Jokes, which Schenck and Flegel join after this scene.


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