Grand Master of the Antic Order is a parody series by Venkyra21. It deals with Fegelein as he begins his final test in order to become a Grand Master of the Antic Order, as well as Hitler's efforts to uncover the secrets of the Antic Order.


Opening text

Hermann Fegelein, Master of Antics.
He has proven to be a highly skilled and proficient antic master, constantly committing incredible antics which no ordinary antic master could ever accomplish.
Now, it is time for him to pass the final test, one which if passed would allow him to gain the honourable title of Grand Master.
However, as Fegelein begins his training, secrets of the Antic Order will begin to unravel, and the master of antics will not be ready for what is to come...



  • Throughout the series, all of the aircraft boarded by Fegelein are operated by KLM, or the Royal Dutch Airlines.

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