FuhrerFegelein was a Norwegian Unterganger, well known for his parodies on minor characters in the Downfall Parodies and his Downfall dubstep remixes. He currently has 79 videos and 998 subscribers. He has over 300,000 views.

Parody style

Despite having multiple parodies with Hitler in it, he is commonly making Goebbels parodies, him ranting about stuff, etc. He also created him a superweapon, called the Pencil of Rantmageddon. He has also made several dubstep tracks, which are remixes of the dialogues in Downfall, with Goebblex - Drop the Göring (Hitler dubstep remix) becoming a great hit.

He is also known for introducing Fegelein Reviews, a counter to Hitler Reviews Scene; Lingepedia, and Bunker Jokes.


He hasn't uploaded any parodies since March 2012 and his last channel activity was on 27 September 2012. He was back in March 2013 when he uploaded a remastered and extended version of "Drop the Göring", and released a demo of "Fight N*gga". However, he hasn't uploaded any parodies since then.


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