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Frozzy is a fourth-generation Unterganger from the UK. He discovered Downfall parodies in 2012 through some football parodies.


He discovered Downfall parodies in 2012 with some football parodies. His first parody was uploaded on January 24th, 2015, with Hitler reacting to Chelsea's upset defeat to Bradford in the FA cup on a different channel using a Downfall parody maker site. He made 2 more parodies on that channel before he went dormant.

During his dormancy, he discovered the Hitler plays videos, the most notable for him being the Hitler plays Sonic.EXE videos by HighBunker HxH Parodies. In May 2016, He came back to Downfall parodies, with Hitler plays Mortal Kombat, and in the same month, he uploaded Hitler plays Sonic.EXE, which has been his most popular video with more than 30,00 views as of April 2017. He also did a Hitler does a FIFA pack opening parody.

Soon after, however, he went into another dormancy. During this period, he discovered Hitler Rants Parodies and his videos inspired Frozzy to make parodies. In October 2016 he uploaded Hitler plays Sally.EXE, reintroducing him back to the community.


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