“Wir müssen jetzt handeln!
Fegelein arguing with the generals

Fegelein and Friends is a scene in Downfall often used in parodies. The title of the scene is a misnomer; none of the generals featured in the scene can be truly considered his friends, either in real life or in some parodies.

In Downfall

The scene takes place after the Original Bunker Scene. Burgdorf asks what would happen next now that the war is lost, and Fegelein responds they should just end the charade. Keitel objects and goes on to say there will never be anymore surrendering like in November 1918. However, Fegelein counters by informing them that Hitler told them to do whatever they want, assuming that he doesn't want to rule anymore. Burgdorf then states that nobody can replace him, and that the Führer is the Führer.

Krebs then states that Hitler was only confused, but he'll recover. Fegelein asks what would happen after that. After a brief silence, Krebs continues to build on Keitel's point that Hitler never intended to surrender, and tell that they owe it to him. Completely angered, Fegelein thinks that what they are saying are hollow phrases, and slams his fist on his palm while telling them they have to do something, or it would be too late. Burgdorf angrily states that he's only looking out for himself, and Fegelein, angered, tells him to mind his words. The scene ends with Keitel, Jodl, and Krebs leaving, with Fegelein and Bormann staring.

In Parodies

This scene is commonly used for interactions between the generals and Fegelein, especially because he rarely appears in the rest of the movie. Some situations include: Fegelein planning new antics or justifying them, Fegelein mocking Krebs' map pointing skills, and so forth. Sometimes the part where Fegelein slams his fist is used in superweapon parodies.

Benad361 and other Untergangers use the part when Fegelein claps his fist on his hand for the Fist of Mass Destruction.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
BURGDORF Was jetzt? What now?
FEGELEIN Der Zeitpunkt ist da, wir sollten das Spektakel beenden. The time has come, we should have finished the spectacle.
KEITEL Was soll denn das heißen? What's that supposed to mean?
Wollen Sie, dass wir aufgeben? Do you want us to give up?
Das ist undenkbar! This is unthinkable!
Der Führer hat immer erklärt, wir kapitulieren nicht. Ein November 1918 wird sich nicht wiederholen! The Führer has always made clear, we will not surrender. November 1918 will not repeat itself!
Niemals! Never!
FEGELEIN Aber Sie haben es doch selbst gehört, er will nicht mehr führen. But you've heard it yourself, he does not want to lead anymore.
Tun Sie, was Sie wollen, das waren exakt seine Worte. Do what you want, those were exactly his words.
BURGDORF Keiner hier kann ihn ersetzen, keiner. No one here can replace him, no one.
Der Führer ist der Führer! The Führer is the Führer!
KREBS Der Führer hat die Fassung Verloren. Er wird sich wieder fangen. The Führer has lost his composure. He will get it back again.
FEGELEIN Na prächtig. Und wenn er sich wieder gefangen hat, wie geht's dann weiter? Oh, glorious. when that has happened, what would happen afterwards?
KREBS Fest steht, wir dürfen nicht kapitulieren. Das wäre niemals im Sinne des Führers! Certainly, we must not surrender. That would never be in the sense of the Fuhrer!
Und wir sind seinem Willen verpflichtet! And we are committed to his will!
FEGELEIN Das sind doch alles hohle Phrasen! These are all hollow phrases!
Wir müssen jetzt handeln! We must do something now!
Sonst haben wir jede Chance verspielt. Otherwise we have missed every chance.
BURGDORF Sie wollen doch nur Ihren Kopf retten! You only want to save yourself!
FEGELEIN Ich verbitte mir diesen Ton! Don't talk to me like that! (lit. I forbid that tone!)



  • This scene is notable for Keitel yelling, "Niemals!", and for Burgdorf saying, "The Führer ist der Führer!"
  • Günsche, Jodl, Bormann, Traudl and Gerda appeared in this scene, but don't have any lines.
  • Hitler is absent from this scene.
  • Despite the name of the scene being "Fegelein and Friends", Fegelein is enemies with the generals in some parodies.
  • Gerda's crying from the previous scene also carries on into this scene. It is not until after the generals leave that she fully stops crying.

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Fegelein and Friends
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