ExtraFrogX, formerly known as VenomFrogX, is an English Unterganger, currently living in London. His first YouTube account was closed due to a hacker breaking into the account and deleting all the videos. His new channel is now ExtraFrogX.

ExtraFrogX's style is traditional as well as FX based. He currently has 146 subscribers and 31 videos, although not all are Downfall parodies.


His last parody was uploaded on 12 April 2012. His channel still shows some activity though. Recently he started uploading YouTube Poops. It's unclear if he'll make Downfall Parodies again. His Google cover name is "Dia Beetus".

In 2014, he, along with a fellow YouTuber, had been tracking and documenting on Antoni Pieter's YouTube activity. Although it had been known before, ExtraFrogX noted Antoni's habit of uploading pornographic material, and to his shock and disgust, references to pedophilia, to which they promptly reported.


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