EvilGamer100 is a former American Unterganger, who has retired from making parodies in December 2010.


EvilGamer100 originally created his YouTube account for posting gaming videos for Yet, since he is a teenager and couldn't apply for Machinima, he quit trying to make gaming videos and started to live on YouTube as a regular user.


At times he made FX parodies, as well as normal subtitle-only parodies. He was currently working on an FX parody which was going to be a mixed up show of the Hitler Rants Parodies and Family Guy (EvilGamer100 loves Family Guy), until the project was later on scrapped. He used Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 for both video and subtitle editing.


EvilGamer100 was once surfing Youtube and found a Hitler parody video on August 2009. He was astonished by the weird title of the relationship between Hitler and an Xbox 360 and became curious to know what kind of video it was. He watched a Hitler Rants Parody for the first time and was addicted into watching them as day by day, he kept on watching different kind of parodies. One day, he thought of making his own Hitler Rants Parodies and on December 2009, he made his first parody using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0, called "Hitler gets banned from YouTube." (Which was remade later on). Later on, he started making videos of the original subtitles of famous parody scenes to let people know what Hitler is actually saying, so they wouldn't take one of the greatest movies in history, as a joke.


He retired in December 2010.

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