The Eva walks Blondi Scene is a scene in Downfall rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

The scene begins after the Traudl and Gerda talking in bed scene. Eva Braun is joined by Gerda Christian and Traudl Junge outside the bunker, where they walk Blondi. Eva removes Blondi's leash, and the ladies walk together at a peaceful pace, while soft piano music is playing in the background. Traudl stops to look at some flowers on the ground, while Gerda and Eva stop to look at a statue. Traudl joins them, and they all sit down and smoke. Shortly after, the air raid alarms are heard, and Eva is seen putting out her cigarette with her shoe.

In the Parodies

The scene is rarely used in parodies. Especially not on its own. This is probably because Hitler and his generals are absent from this scene and since they are the main characters of the Parody Universe, it is hard to use a scene that does not have them in it. This scene is also completely devoid of ranting, which is the central point of the parody humor.

An example in which this scene is used is in JennieParker87's A strange parody 1, towards the end, in which Traudl experiences some flatulence while sitting outside the bunker.


Traudl and Gerda talking in bed
Eva walks Blondi
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