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Downfall Parodies Timeline
Year Date Event
1942 Unknown Charles A. Ridley creates the first video to use footage from a film to make the Nazis look stupid.
2004 8 September Downfall has its premiere in Munich. The date has been recognized as the International Untergangers' Day.
16 September Downfall released in Germany.
2005 18 February Downfall released in the United States.
3 September The first recorded parody, La Caida (La versión No Oficial), was uploaded. (Re-upload is linked)
2006 10 August The second recorded parody, Sim Heil, was uploaded.
2007 6 June Bowlch uploads Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live, which would be reuploaded by MOTURK49 a day later.
2008 May Wired and Laughing Squid covered the phenomenon.
28 October New York Times Magazine reported on the mass appeal of “Downfall” parody phenomenon:

“In the best parodies -- and “Hillary’s Downfall” is a good one -- Ganz embodies the role assigned him by the parodist by the time his glasses come off. This is the moment in the original film after Hitler has been informed that he cannot win; as he eases up on denial, he’s coming down on fury. In “Hillary’s Downfall,” you can’t believe how quickly the haircut and costume recede and the Hitler factor fades, eclipsed by Ganz’s tough old fork-tongued grandpa performance. Hitler becomes not the author of the Holocaust but a salty dog who, though all is lost, doesn’t stop piercing pretense and speaking in slangy, heartfelt language, expressing the most deeply felt needs of the human id. We may have repressed that speak-for-the-people Hitler, the one he decided to be in “Mein Kampf”; but in the form of these videos, he has returned.”
―New York Times Magazine

2009 April Hitler Rants Parodies created.
October Downfall Parodies Forum created.
6 October Telegraph published an article explaining the meme, as well as a selection of 25 best parodies.
2010 15 January Downfall director Oliver Hirschbiegel expressed his approval of the meme to New York Magazine’s entertainment blog Vulture:

“Someone sends me the links every time there’s a new one... I think I’ve seen about 145 of them! Of course, I have to put the sound down when I watch. Many times the lines are so funny, I laugh out loud, and I’m laughing about the scene that I staged myself! You couldn’t get a better compliment as a director.”
Oliver Hirschbiegel

21 April Constantin Film started sending DMCA takedowns to the parodies in YouTube.
28 July A second wave of takedowns started.
16 September Hitler Parody Wiki created.

Mass takedowns ended and YouTube began to place ads on them.
The first Unterganger of the Month award took place (for the month of October, the results might have been announced in November)

2011 January Vzorkic hosts the Downfall Reenactment Contest.
August Fegelbook was created.
Unknown The /r/HitlerParodies subreddit was created, but was quickly abandoned.
2012 January The first Downfall Parody Awards were held.

The first Parody of the Month award took place.

14 January Tom Harris uploaded his controversial parody. This may have indirect consequences on the Unterganging community, as a short round of blockings (February 20-23) ensues, though dismissed as a glitch on YouTube's part.
19 March Three schoolchildren and a rabbi were shot in the last round of the Toulouse shootings, which naturally spurs YouTube reaction videos. With the involvement of Jews, some of these videos come under attack of flagging, the most notable of which on Unterganger PiretBCN.
12 April Untergangers Chat created.
July The Unterganger Hall of Fame begins its first induction.
1 September The Parody of the Year Awards was announced. However, it did not come to fruition.
16 September yuanjin8899 uploads 元首Rap:江南Style Gangnam Style from Hitler, parody that gathered over 5.4 million views in only 3 months.
October The first Unterganger Awards took place, replacing the biased Downfall Parody Awards.
26 January created.
20 March Swedish television channel STV1 aired episode Hitler Humour of the series Kobra about Downfall parodies, with interviews from Hitler Rants Parodies. The show is the first publication to use the term Unterganger to describe Downfall parody makers.
June Unterganger Minecraft Server opened. The Hitler Rants Parodies Chat Room was opened as well, but did not gain a lot of activity until much later.
August JennieParker87 begins hosting her first Downfall parody contest.
2014 2 January created.
March The first Best New/Unknown Unterganger Award took place.
May The first Unterganger Lifetime Achievement Award took place.
20 December Untergangers Chat closed.
2015 26 January closed.
16 September The Hitler Parody Wiki celebrates its 5th anniversary. The /r/HitlerParodies subreddit was also taken over by a few Untergangers.
20 October The Hitler Rants Parodies Contest of 2015 is announced.
December The final Best New/Unknown Unterganger Award took place.
2016 January The first Best Unterganger Award took place. The Parody of the Year award was revived, along with the creation of the Unterganger of the Year award.
March The Downfall Parodies Society Chat Room opens.
August The Hitler Rants Parodies Chat Room moves to Discord.
5 November The Unterganger Awards moves to its own website.


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