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The Downfall Parodies Forum (DPF) is an internet forum created and administrated by Hitler Rants Parodies and hosted by ZetaBoards.

Since its creation back in October 2009, it has gained over 2,000 members. However, in spite of its membership, it still does not achieve a high amount of traffic.

A few other alternative forums and websites have been formed over the years, one of which was made under fears that the meme is being 'controlled' by Hitler Rants Parodies, but in the end it never proved to pick up any significant membership or influence.


In January 2014, Hitler Rants Parodies had announced a new forum under the name of to replace the DPF, as the Zetaboards forum was limited in features. The new site uses IP Board to run the forum. The DPF was to be locked but was to remain for archival purposes, however, it has been untouched due to popular request to keep the DPF active as some members refused to register on the new site due to the feeling of being 'forced out'. It is still used by some of its members to this day, mostly Second-generation Untergangers who associate the forum as part of their era although to a significantly lesser extent.

The DPF was the place where nominations and voting of all Unterganging awards take place but most have migrated over to the newer The formation of largely contributed to the sharp decline of activity in the DPF in 2014.

On the 20 May, 2016 the forum was updated to automatically redirect visitors to the DP.Net forum. However, this has since been changed to a link right at the top of the site, as some people felt that the auto-redirection would make archiving purposes for this wiki very difficult.

The forum at is also now sometimes referred to by the name "Downfall Parodies Forum", though rarely.


The forum includes boards which contain the following features:

  • Downfall Parodies discussion
  • Contests and nominations
  • Suggestions/Ideas
  • Technical Support
  • Individual boards for Untergangers to post their videos
  • Untergangers chat

Registered users would also have access to:

  • News and announcements
  • General discussion
  • Downfall Parodies pictures board


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