Dear Friend Hitler Hitler
Dear Friend Hitler 5
The Hindi Hitler tells you to GTFO.


Dear Friend Hitler Hitler
Gandhi to Hitler Hitler

Notable for

Being the only Indian Hitler
Being the shortest Hitler


The Hindi Hitler

Portrayed by

Raghubir Yadav

“Ai vont den eye for an eye!”
―Or "I won't deny for an eye"

Dear Friend Hitler Hitler, also known as The Hindi Hitler, is the Adolf Hitler as portrayed in the 2011 Bollywood film Dear Friend Hitler.

In The Parodies

The Hindi Hitler, just like the other Hitlers, is at conflict with Downfall Hitler. Unlike the other Hitlers, he is more angry, and keeps shouting at everybody, being nearly as aggressive as War and Remembrance Hitler. He is known to refuse his help and kept shouting at Hitler until he decided to stop talking with him.

During a meeting where he participated along with Hitler and Inglourious Basterds Hitler, the Hindi Hitler suggested that Steiner should find Fegelein, but the others disagreed and the meeting immediately turned into an insult brawl and then into a fight.

In the War of The Hitlers, he is one of the major players in the war and is defeated by the real life Hitler. He is also one of the Hitlers who accepted his defeat and is convinced that "no one can stop the real life Hitler". His own soldiers defected to Downfall Hitler at the end of the series.

The scenes where he appears are similar to the ones from Downfall. It's quite possibly that this is what makes him angry, the fact that he's limited to the same scenes as his Downfall counterpart.


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