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8 September 2015


Charizard's DPMV contest was a contest organized by Delphox (Then known as Charizard). The Announcement Video was uploaded on the 18th of June 2015, and the deadline for entries was the 8th of September 2015.


The theme of the contest was to make any type of musical parody, or DPMV. Any effort was appreciated, even if the Unterganger didn't have experience with those types of parodies.


  • The entry must have been a Downfall Parody Music Video (DPMV) for it to be eligible.
  • Any highly offensive material must have been kept at a minimum. Violence and vulgar language was allowed if used properly.
  • The deadline of the contest was to be August 23rd, 2015. This date was extended to September 8th, 2015.
  • The parody must have been uploaded between the announcement and the deadline.
  • 2 entries could have been entered into the contest.

Winner Selection

A group of judges judged the entries, and a video showing the results and winners was released shortly after the deadline.



Place Parody Created by Approval Rating
1 Adolf Hitler - Bunker Space Vgrx 89%
2 Adolf Hitler - Fuhroar Vgrx 86%
3 Antic Revenge Joster285 84%
4 Bunkermon Vulpix95NL 81%
5 Adolf Hitler - Fegelein Paul in Plaid 79%
6 Fvck tha police by Adolf Hitler Avidsonicfan1991 77%
7 Hittlerwan - Fegel Up! OndraBF 76%
8 The Bunker - Bringen Sie Mir Fegelein OndraBF 75%
9 ThreeReich – Counting Rants CanaDolfy98 74%
10 MY RANTS, THEY ARE MADE OF STEEL Krazyfilmer123 73%
11 Hitler Sings Cheerleader by OMI AKO675 72%
12 Fish: The Musical TheUnknownHitler 71%
13 Bunker Cunts Parodyhall 70%
14 Bünka - I'm in deep love with you Gokyr586 69%
15 Adolf Hitler - Fegelnica Captain Doge 68%
16 Hitler's New Ringtone Biohazard434 67%
17 Bunker Doom - Sign of Antic Evil HighBunker HxH Parodies 66%
18 War and GO! Gilblitz112 65%
19 Lose Yourself SnipSnapParodies 63%
20 If you prank him again Dumb Fish Parodies 62%
21 Fegel Strike: Bunker Offensive Captain Doge 60%
22 Fegel Endless - Reichwerk Nerdington 0 59%
23 Reich-Zero - Fegel Port Town HighBunker HxH Parodies 58%
24 Fegelein Is A Guy On Earth Parodyhall 57%
25 Cinema in the Bunker Die Führer Parodias 56%
26 Happy Birthday SnipSnapParodies 54%
27 The Similou - All This Love Fegel Fawx 49%
28 Adolf Hitler - Demolition Führer Icepenguins101 48%
29 SOFORT!!! Yhynerson1 46%
30 Kill Fegelein Die Führer Parodias 45%
31 Mother 3 - Hard Rain Fegel Fawx 44%
32 Are Jew with me Dumb Fish Parodies 39%
33 DPMV Haiduc Dracula 38%
34 Heil! - The Bunker Nerdington 0 35%
35 Nazis to the core Beom Jun Koo 16%

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