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Pages on feature-length parodies, that is, parodies that are longer than 15 minutes in length. This is also for parodies made in "parts" (compared to episodic parodies).

Author Title Span Status
Hitler Rants Parodies The Assassination of Hitler Feb 2012 - Aug 2012 Completed
Hitler for President Sep 2012 - Sep 2014 (2012)
Jan 2016 - Nov 2016 (2016)
War of The Hitlers Jul 2013 - Jan 2014 Completed
The Jodl Rebellion Apr 2015 - Sep 2015 Completed
The Enemy Within Apr 2015 - Oct 2015 Completed
The Final Conflict Oct 2015 - present Ongoing
DictatorAntics The Antic Menace Dec 2012 - Apr 2013 Completed
The Antics Strike Back Sep 2013 Halted
Joster285 Fegelein the Führer Feb 2011 Completed
The Console Wars Dec 2013 Completed
Resolution Revolution Dec 2014 - Feb 2015 Completed
Soalric Parker Der Disneygang Mar 2013 - Oct 2013 Completed
Battle for the Bunker Apr 2014 - May 2016 Completed
JennieParker87 Mini-Me Hitler May 2013 Completed
Unterganger Prison Jul 2013 Completed
Venkyra21 Grand Master of the Antic Order Feb 2016 - present Ongoing
DarkLordKiller Hitler and the Last Witch Oct 2016 - present Ongoing
JJ All-star Der Frozengang Nov 2016 - present Ongoing
The Origins of Krusty Krebs Nov 2016 - present Ongoing

This list is incomplete.


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