CanaDolfy98 (formerly known as nhlfan40) was a Canadian third-generation Unterganger who started making parodies on April 4, 2014. He had over 700 subscribers and over 120 thousand views.


Early History

CanaDolfy98 (then known as nhlfan40) made his first parody on April 4, 2014, which was Hitler finds out the answer to life, the universe, and everything. He, unlike most third-generation Untergangers, was not inspired by any particular Unterganger, but by a random parody that his Grade 10 teacher showed to his history class. It was after he made his first parody was then he realized Unterganging was still a thing, and decided to make more parodies.

In July 2014, he stumbled upon forum, and decided to share his parodies through the website. While the parodies didn't immediately get popular, he did meet AlphaSkyRaider and AdolfTallentDay01 on that website's chat on August 1, 2014, which CanaDolfy98 (still known as nhlfan40 at the time) considers his first community interaction.

In mid August, he also stumbled upon the Untergangers Chat, where he met Untergangers such as JennieParker87, Soalric Parker, and Johnnomonster, and visited it regularly. He also participated in Jennie's "Hitler's Summer Memories Contest" with his entry, Hitler goes to the World Cup Final.

His involvement in October's Untergate scandal led him to briefly retire, due to too much stress, from November 9, 2014 to December 1, 2014, when he realized it was a bad decision, and unretired.

CanaDolfy98 in his Prime

One of his first parodies after his unretirement was an entry into JennieParker87's Merry Hitler contest with the 12 Days of Fuhrermas. He also started promoting Untergangers.

One of the things he did in December is (with his dad's help) translate the first ever Downfall parody, "La Caida (La versión No Oficial)", by Pajarojuarez. The translation can be found here.

His first two Unterganger Awards were earned in January 2015. He has since won many more awards.

On February 11, 2015, he uploaded Fegel Off, a parody of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off", which was his most viewed parody ever by a long margin at over 40,000 views (by comparison, his second most viewed parody, which is A new Hitler sends an email to Downfall Hitler!, only had over 8,000 views).

On April 2, 2015, CanaDolfy98 (known as NHLfan40) announced that he was going to change his name to CanaDolfy98 on the first anniversary of his Unterganging career, with mixed reactions.

He was named Unterganger of the Month in May 2015, and his parody, Inside Out: Führer Edition won June 2015's Parody of the Month.

In mid-July, he was given administrator privileges on the Hitler Parody Wiki, making him the first third-generation Unterganger given the privilege.

Retirement, Detachment, and Suicide

He announced his retirement on February 2, 2016, after stating he would consider the option on January 11, 2016. He cites a lack of motivation, and a lack of trust in the the community after the controversies in the Unterganger of the Year vote as his reasons for retirement. He considered suicide of his channel, but ultimately he moved his channel to his spam email and unlisted some of his parodies. He also relinquished his mod powers on the wiki.

On April 26th, 2016, he closed his account. Many of his parodies were saved and uploaded on different channels and mediums.

Brief Return And Complete Disengagement From Community

On 7 December 2016, he started a new account simply named CD98, and uploaded the few parodies he saved on a backup mediafire folder. On 14 December 2016, he uploaded a new parody on this account, 10 days shy of a year when he uploaded his last parody. However, due to only having Videopad, which is a video editor disliked by him, he doesn't plan on making more parodies.

However, on 19 December 2016, after wanting to leave the community permanently once again, he went crazy and decided to spam the forums and chat, forcing HRP to ban him, which was what he wanted. After he was banned, to make sure he would never join the community again, he changed his Discord account password to something he couldn't memorize before logging out, blocked Delphox which was his last and only friend from the community on Skype, and spammed several videos on his current channel, even making a hate video on HRP.

On 8 March 2017, he uploaded a parody of the intro to A Series of Unfortunate Events on his channel, titled A Series of Unführerious Events, saying that he is "not sure" if this is a sign of a comeback.

On June 14, 2017, he closed down his channel again after venting his frustrations over both HRP and the community (which he feels is full of harsh people) in a Downfall parody chatroom.


His parody style in the start of his Unterganging career was traditional parodies, forced upon him due to the lack of good video editing software (iMovie). While he managed to use TheSilverUniverse's green screen packs in some of his parodies, it was limited. He then decided to expand into musical parodies, which he still does on occasion, and voice-over parodies, which he does not do too often. He eventually experimented with head pasting on his otherwise simple software, with moderate success. After he acquired better editing software (Final Cut Pro X), he has made more FX parodies and has drifted away from (but not totally abandoned) traditional parodies.


Due to the fact that he uses a Mac (and therefore cannot use Sony Vegas), he used to use iMovie to make his parodies, which is the reason why the subtitles on his parodies used to fade out. It is also the reason why he didn't use many special effects. Eventually, he managed to get the 2011 version of iMovie, which allowed him to put subtitles that don't fade in or out, first seen in his parody "Hitler finds out the Leafs lost their season opener". Despite the limited technology, he did manage to do some headpasting on iMovie as seen in his parody "Krebs is looking for Jews in Chuikov's Building".

In February 2015, he managed to get Final Cut Pro X, which is a far superior editing software to iMovie, and he did more and more special effects in his parodies.

On the first parody he uploaded on his "CD98" channel, he used Videopad, but he has since gotten back Final Cut Pro X, having previously lost it while changing laptops.

For editing pictures, he used GIMP, which he mostly used to create heads for head pasting, and for making backgrounds.

Notable Parodies

Note that all of these are reuploads on Delphox's secondary channel.

Notable Parody Reason for Notability
Hitler Finds Out the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything His first ever parody
Hitler goes to the World Cup Final Contest entry into JennieParker87's Hitler's Summer Memories contest
[DPMV] 12 Days of Fuhrermas Contest entry into JennieParker87's "Merry Hitler" contest
[DPMV] DPMV Dolfy Kong Racing (Title Song) "Best Audio-Based Parody" in the Unterganger Awards January 2015 (first UA)
Fegelein's Clap of Football (Soccer) Failures "Best Superweapon Parody" in the Unterganger Awards January 2015 (first UA)
Hitler finds out nhlfan40 now has Final Cut Pro His first parody made with Final Cut Pro X
[DPMV] Adolf Hitler - Fegel Off (Parody of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off") Was the most viewed parody on his channel prior to deletion
Lyndon B. Johnson calls Hitler! "Most Humorous Parody" in the Unterganger Awards March 2015
Hitler decides to make a Q&A for my 1 year anniversary! First parody under the "CanaDolfy98" name
How tall is a llama? "Best Use of a Rare Scene" in the Unterganger Awards April 2015
Hitler and friends do a frozen yogurt challenge! His 100th Parody; "Best FX Parody" in the Unterganger Awards May 2015
Hitler falls asleep! "Best Use of a Rare Scene" in the Unterganger Awards May 2015
This parody is banned in China "Best Seasonal Parody" in the Unterganger Awards June 2015
Inside Out: Führer Edition "Most Innovative Parody" in the Unterganger Awards June 2015;

June 2015's Parody of the Month

[DPMV] ThreeReich – Counting Rants (Parody of "Counting Stars") Entry into Charizard's DPMV Contest (got 9th place)
A new Hitler sends an email to Downfall Hitler! Second ever Er Ist Wieder Da parody (beaten by Subtitlecomedy)