Brains481, also known as Brains481 Films, was an Irish Unterganger.


His channel, once dedicated to Downfall parodies, also contains music he makes, gaming videos, and short films. He also uses effects such as chroma keying so he can put the people featured in the videos in various locations and situations. Although first just doing standalone short videos, he was making a saga entitled "Hitler Vs. Santa", which never saw completion. He uses Sony Vegas 11, and often uses the green screen pack created by TheSilverUniverse. Some of his parodies include Hitler Plans To Ruin Christmas, Hitler Is Informed He's Walking On Sunshine and Hitler Watches Pink Floyd: The Wall


Brains481 started making videos in 2007 under the YouTube name TommyVercettiWasHere, and included videos of him and his friends making comedy skits, among other things, however he deleted these videos after only about a week on the Internet and are now lost. In 2009, he used his nickname Brains and made a channel to keep track of his favourite videos. Later that year, he uploaded his first video, his band doing a cover of Holiday by Green Day. In October 2011, he made his first parody, Hitler watches Pink Floyd: The Wall. He made ten parodies during his first run, uploading them on a weekly schedule. He attempted to make a saga entitled Hitler Vs. Santa but it was cancelled. In his video, What To Expect In 2013, he stated he was taking a break from the Hitler parodies, citing boredom. When later asked whether he would go back to making parodies again, he was reported to have said that it's doubtful he'll make them again.


On April 16, 2014, he announced on the Brains481 Facebook page that he was making a second season, with the episodes airing fortnightly instead of weekly. The second season premiered the same day with Hitler Is Obsessed with Frozen. However, this parody is not found on his channel, and hasn't posted any parodies recently.



Hitler Reacts To Pink Floyd The Wall

Hitler Reacts To Pink Floyd The Wall

His first Downfall Parody, Hitler watches the wall.

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