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“okay. you stealing my video again!. let's go to the downfall parodies. [sic]”
―Antoni Pieter, the parody thief.
“Kamu membuatku sakit, ’nak. (You’re making me sick, boy)”
Gb. Alexander on Antoni’s channel’s discussion/comments section

Antoni Pieter Yahya is an Indonesian YouTuber who gained infamy among Untergangers for his extremely poor command of English, parody thefts, spam on comments and multiple YouTube channels.


His notoriety among Untergangers has given him many nicknames, like The Cunt, Antonikid, CuntoniPieter, etc. His activities of plagiarizing and placing crude yellow round faces made with paint over the character's real faces are the main cause of the anger of Untergangers against him, but not the only one, as he also posts a lot of comments on parodies with almost no grammatical sense, as an example:

“thanks you download video. click like,click to watch later,click favorite,click download vids, click comment below and click subscribe buttom. thanks you subscriber from antonipieter on youtube. say about "Thanks for download video. nice day :) [sic]”
―Antoni's comment on JennieParker87's Hitler is identifying pictures

Some have suggested that he might be suffering from a mental illness, judging from the numerous inexplicable and bizarre posts and edits to his videos, although others dismiss him as a mere troll which should be ignored and blocked, rather than going to harsher methods such as hijacking his account or leaking private information about him, as such was likened by Soalric to "killing an ant with a flamethrower". The latter operations on him did ensue, though, as it was found out that he unwittingly posted sensitive information about his Google accounts, leading to the eventual takedown of one of his backup channels and his main YouTube channel being commandeered and eventually deleted. However, he started both another YouTube and Dailymotion channel, and went on with his usual "yes, yes" trolling business.

His condition may be similar to the case with Bertrand101, a banned Wikipedia vandal known for adding esoteric or hoaxed information on Philippine television networks. Anton's habit of drawing crude figures of people and delusions of "running" a "TV network", as well as his apparently vain attempts at getting a sizeable audience by churning out numerous videos, are more or less similar with Bertrand's.

He has also been spotted uploading pornographic material on Dailymotion and several other sites, as well as posting off-colour and explicit comments on several websites, suggesting his apparent sense of perversion, which is quite disturbing given his age.

His reenactment of the "Günsche informs Hitler scene", which was uploaded onto, can be viewed here .

Actions by UntergangersEdit

Legal methods such as filing DMCA complaints on plagiarised videos did work to some extent, although it didn't keep Antoni from continuing on his inexplicable obsession with crudely-stolen parodies. It did, however, prompt Hitler Rants Parodies, DictatorAntics and several others to file takedown notices on Antoni's accounts, as per Subtitlecomedy's suggestion based on his experience with several Kittredge Parodies stolen from his channel.

He went so far as to counter-claim the claims made by Untergangers who got their parodies stolen, requiring actual legal process in order to stop him for good. It can be noted, however, that his "claim" is incoherently worded at best, making it unlikely for YouTube to consider it as valid.

History and fateEdit

He currently remains at large, and if encountered should be immediately blocked. As mentioned earlier any parodies stolen by this user, most especially FX parodies, should be reported via YouTube's copyright complaint form.

On July 3, 2013, it was reported that Antoni's familyantonigames YouTube account had been terminated, although at least some of his alternate accounts, namely onejanuary2013 (happys antonipieter) and antonigamesfloatturt (Parianto AntoniGames Said), are still active. He has, however, spawned yet another account (newfamilyantonigames), and continued on with his usual hijinks as if nothing happened.

He has also created a "Chinese" account, antonipieterchinese, and goes by the name Jonah Hex. His command of Chinese is also very poor and appears to have been translations using online translation tools.

As of July 20, 2013 the familyantonigames account has been reinstated, possibly due to Anton's counter-notification, although it can be noted that he sent an incoherent notice, and that YouTube unblocked him due to the lack of response from Untergangers who filed complaints against him.

Antoni appears to have laid low as of May 2014, as his channels seem to have been dormant for months with no signs of major activity going on, he may have retired. However, in September 2016, after two years of inactivity, he returned, although it seems that he has moved on from Downfall parodies. His return didn't last long though as his channel was found to have been terminated on October 1st, 2016.


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