AmbientMaster (aka. F1Krazy) is a British Unterganger. He is mostly known for his crash compilations using the racing simulation video game 'Grand Prix 4'. He currently has over 330 subscribers. His style is Modified Traditional, although he used FX in Hitler is informed the camera has been distorted.

He is also one of the few Untergangers that appeared as himself in a video, although the video in question was filmed by a TV channel, and he only appeared as a cameo.


AmbientMaster began uploading his first parodies in summer 2011, though he mixed his uploads with his usual GP4CCs and misc. uploads. Though quite active in his first year of Unterganging. His status as Unterganger became mostly dormant.

An attempt to return was ruined by a copyright claim on his project "FegelDoodle".

He uploaded a new parody succesfully on August 15, in which Hitler gets informed AmbientMaster made it into university to do a course in Computer Game Development.

After that, he has not uploaded any Downfall Parodies since. It can be presumed he has retired from Downfall Parodies, although this has never been officially announced.


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