Ako675 has created many parodies, the majorty use the Hitler Reviews scene and use different parts from downfall and other media. This article contains a full list of all of Ako675's parodies. All dates are displayed in this format: DD/MM/YYYY

Hitler is informed scene

This parody uses the Hitler is informed scene and contains no further editing other than differnet subtitles.

Name URL Date uploaded (DD/MM/YYYY)
Hitler finds out Downfall parodies are not popular anymore 29/10/2011

Hitler phones scene

This parody uses the Hitler phones scene. Like many untergangers ako675 edits out the footage with Koller and replaces it with a clip from somewhere else.

Name URL Date uploaded
Hitler phones Davros 21/3/2012

Hitler plans scene

This parody uses the Hitler plans scene.

Name URL

Date uploaded

Hitler plans to buy Jodl a special hat 23/3/2012

Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler

These parodies use the Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler scene.

Name URL Date uploaded
Hitler is informed that this video will get over 300,000,000 views 14/9/2011
Pros and cons with Adolf Hitler: The new ipad (ipad 3) 23/3/2012
Pros and cons with Adolf Hitler: The pros and cons scene. 25/3/2012

Hitler Reviews scene

These parodies use the Hitler Reviews scene. Many of them contain added effects, such as chroma keying, appearing/disappearing objects, transisitions, audio effects etc.

Name URL Date uploaded
Hitler is beamed into outer space 19/8/2011
Hitler goes to a Justin Bieber concert 20/8/2011
Hitler video game review: Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1, wii 22/8/2011
The side effects of eating Fegal Os 1/9/2011
Hitler reviews Bieber Os 7/9/2011
The consequences of asking your boss for a raise 8/9/2011
Hitler is asked "can you perfom a magic trick" 9/9/2011
Hitler is asked "can you give me a bubble bath" 11/9/2011
Hitler finds out his maths exam result 11/9/2011
Hitler is asked "can you say SOFORT! 50 times in a row?" 13/9/2011
Hitler tries out Windows 8 16/9/2011
Hitler's voice sounds like an 8-bit video game 1/10/2011
Hitler sounds like Davros 1/10/2011
Hitler reviews: Steve Jobs 6/10/2011
Fegel - Lighting 7/10/2011
Hitler is informed the audio is out of sync. 10/10/2011
Hitler sings the most annoying song in the world. 11/10/2011
The Trololo guy is back in Hitler's office! 14/10/2011
Hitler is informed the video is still buffering. 15/10/2011
Hitler is told to get out of Gunsche's office. 20/10/2011
Hitler is informed ako675 has over 50 subscribers. 23/10/2011
Hitler is informed the video and sound quality is very bad 24/10/2011
Hitler is informed he is a blue smurf. 24/10/2011
Hitler is suck in the world of Nyan Cat. 24/10/2011
Hitler is informed google has blessed me with $5000 a month at home job. 25/10/2011
Hitler is informed the subtitles are epic! 27/10/2011
Hitler is informed the font has been changed to Wingdings. 29/10/2011
Hitler is informed the subtitles have been horizontally flipped. 29/10/2011
Hitler meets Mr. Bean. 2/11/2011
Hitler is informed the video is backwards. 5/11/2011
Hitler is informed complete a quick survey to continue. 12/11/2011
Hitler is informed Fegelein is playing with the light switch. 11/3/2012
Hitler is informed by Jodl. 21/3/2012
Hitler is infomed everything is backwards and in slow motion. 22/3/2012
Hitler is informed Gunsche has shrunk. 22/3/2012

The original bunker scene

These parodies use the original bunker scene and contain no special effects what so ever. They are the original scene with different subtitles.

Name URL

Date uploaded

Hitler is informed about Goldeneye 007: Reloaded for PS3 and Xbox 360. 14/8/2011
Hitler is informed Royal Brunei Airlines have suspended flights. 17/8/2011
Hitler rants about pop up youtube adverts. 18/8/2011
Hitler go Beraya - HD remake. 10/9/2011


These parodies use scenario FX and add scenes from different parts of Der Untergang and also from different movies, series and other media.

Name URL Date uploaded
Daleks exterminate Justin Bieber 21/8/2011
Hitler finds out Barry the pensioner destroyed Little Rich's (richw4's) Film equipment 24/8/2011
Hitler redecorates his office. 12/9/2011
Hitler is informed by Hitler. 13/9/2011
Hitler is informed there's an earthquake in the bunker. 17/9/2011
Hitler is informed Fegelein's car alarm has gone off. 18/9/2011
Live news with Hitler and friends. 24/9/2011
Part 2 - If Hitler was the Police Officer of Brunei. 28/9/2011
Hitler's 8-bit Video game rant. 2/10/2011
Hitler is informed he is stuck in youtube. 8/10/2011
Hitler is late and Otto is early. 8/10/2011
Hitler is informed Fegelein is outside his office. 10/10/2011
Hitler and the trololo guy laugh at each other. 15/10/2011
Hitler hires Gunsche to kill James Bond. 22/10/2011
Hitler and Gunsche swap roles. 24/10/2011
Hitler's echo rant. 30/10/2011
Hitler is stuck in Squidward's TV. 5/11/2011
Hitler at the movies - 100 subscriber special. 6/11/2011
Gobbels breaks the bathroom mirror. 7/11/2011
James Bond tries to kill Fegelein. 7/11/2011
Hitler plans to subscribe to ako675. 11/11/2011
Hitler is informed ako675's youtube account has been re-enabled. 7/3/2012
Gunsche can't stop walking in and out of Hitler's office. 15/3/2012

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