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Ako675 (also known as Akoware Software) is a British Unterganger. His YouTube account was established on 30 May 2011. He created his first Downfall parody on 13 April 2011 and gained over 10,000 views.


Before creating Downfall parodies, Ako675 orginally made software using code from various open sources. His software can be found on his discontinued website:

He was banned from YouTube for "spam, scams and commercially deceptive contents". His account was unexpectedly re-enabled on the 7th March 2012. He now continues to make Downfall parodies.

Ako675 has made over 50 parodies, many of which use the Hitler Reviews Scene, however some use the Hitler Planning Scene, Günsche informs Hitler and Original Bunker Scene. Ako675 uses Sony Vegas as his main video editing program. 

Ako675 got the first place in the Commercial Parody Contest in April 2014 and in The "Merry Hitler" Contest in December 2014, both organized by JennieParker87. He had his third victory in one of JennieParker87's contests, when he won first place in the Winter Bunkerland Christmas Contest in December 2015. 

On June 1, 2014, Ako675 became the second Unterganger (after Johnnomonster) to be inducted into the Unterganger Hall of Fame in 2014.

RBC56 Animated Downfall Fiasco

In 2012, RBC56 released a video 2 months in the making: his novel animated parody of the Hitler is informed scene. The video, however, received some negative feedback involving the different voices used. Ako decided to take the parody, restored the original voices with 10 minutes of editing and reuploaded it on his channel, without RBC's permission. This move deeply upset RBC56, as revealed in an exchange between him and Ako in the original parody's comments. These events eventually led to RBC's dormancy, which lasted until February 2016. Ako responded by removing said parody.

Retirement and Return

On 10 October 2014, Ako675 announced his retirement.[1]

On 18 February 2015, he announced that he would be back in fall 2015.[2]

Making the website of UA and briefly managing the UA

In August 2016, he and JennieParker87 came to an agreement that he would help her build a new website for the Unterganger Awards, which opened on November 2016.

In December 2016, JennieParker87 also announced that Ako675 would help her in being temporary manager of the UA until June 2017 while she took a little hiatus.



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