“Welcome back to my KSP series. Today, I will actually be going to the Mün...”
―Hitler, enough times for it to have become annoying

Hitler Space Program (originally Hitler plays Kerbal Space Program) is a Downfall parody video series by ASBusinessMagnet. As the name tells, the series revolves around Adolf Hitler and the rest of the Führerbunker playing the game Kerbal Space Program. The series is different from typical Let's Play-style series in that it places the Führerbunker's residents as characters of the game, and assumes they are actually building rockets, even going as far as calling the Kerbal Space Center, the main location of the game, "the Führerbunker" (later renamed to "Reich Space Center").

It is not to be confused with a Let's Play series based on the same game, also named "Hitler Space Program", by DolfyFegel Antics. The two series even go so far as acknowledging each other.


The series has a continuous plot, starting from Hitler just getting into the basics of the game and continuing through by getting to the orbit and to celestial objects such as Mün and Minmus (both satellites of Kerbin, the planet which rockets are launched from).

Since Kerbal Space Program has been updated since the inception of the series, going through major gameplay changes, the series has been rebooted once, rather than continuing to go on with the plot.


  • The three kerbal astronauts that the game starts with are named Dolfy Da Fuhrer, Kerman Fegelein and Leopold Kerman, while the ones available for hire are, in order, Jodl Kerman, Gunsche Kerman, Goebbels Kerman, Krebs Kerman, Burgdorf Kerman, Keitel Kerman, Goring Kerman, Eva Kerman and Traudl Kerman. Once Jodl is recruited, one more kerbal for hire appears, Himmler Kerman.
  • In the description for the intermission video, ASBusinessMagnet comments on planning to buy a copy of Kerbal Space Program for AlphaSkyRaider. In reality, ASBusinessMagnet did gift the game to AlphaSkyRaider, alongside Minecraft; however, the description leads to believe that she did not, instead using the money to continue her series.
  • The intro and outro melody for episode 6 onwards was written by ASBusinessMagnet herself. It is a chiptune adaptation of ABBA's Money Money Money, reflecting the mainly commented addition to update 0.24 of Kerbal Space Program.

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